Layercake RDA
Layercake RDA
Layercake RDA
Layercake RDA
Layercake RDA

Layercake RDA

District F5VE
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Introducing the next chapter in the CSMNT saga, the Layercake. This clamp style RDA only requires the tightening of a single screw to build.  The icing on the cake is CERAMISTEEL, a state of the art insulation technology developed by District F5VE with a higher melting point than most metals and strength that surpasses everything else on the market, this is an RDA built to last.

• Size: 24mm
• Ceramisteel
• Low Chamber
• Signature Airflow
• Squonk Ready
• Deck O-Ring
• Internal Sleeve Orings
• Matching 810 ONETips Base & Black Top
• Single Post Clamp with Ceramisteel Technology

Extra Parts:
1 x post screw
5 x O-rings
Beauty Ring: Stainless Steel, Black & Graphite.
1 x 510 contact

This product is for advanced vapers only and requires technical knowledge in order to use it.
DO NOT purchase if you are not comfortable or experienced with these types of devices.