Rye Rda 99 wraps stainless steel
Rye Rda 99 wraps stainless steel
Rye Rda 99 wraps stainless steel deck
Rye Rda 99 wraps stainless steel deck
Rye Rda 99 wraps stainless steel


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The Rye RDA is an elegant, performance driven atomizer that is finely tuned and optimized to the point of perfection. This collaborative masterpiece will transcend your vaping satisfaction to blissful new heights. Designed by the minds of @99wraps and world-class RDA designer - @BlueEyedGoon83 - every conceivable nuance has been considered and optimized to bring you a vaping experience that is second to none.

The traditional square post has been rotated 45° to provide optimized post hole size capacity. The 24mm Rye RDA has a convex deck with a 2 mm gradient - ensuring excess e-liquid is channeled to your wicks and neutralizes unwelcome and avoidable "spit-back". It also features a highly sophisticated double decker airflow intake system. Both the top cyclops and the lower level circular intake are fully available and adjustable on their own - in addition to being fully opened and closed concurrently. All intake dimensions have been executed with extreme mathematical precision to facilitate optimal performance across the entire spectrum of your preferred airflow control settings. Additionally, with painstaking care, every potential sharp angle with hard cuts has been rounded appropriately to promote airflow which is more fluid. No more hard wall transitions in your RDA's chamber means less turbulence and a smoother draw. Our proprietary drip tip with it's 7.25 mm custom bore provides the perfect draw required for the majority of builds which will call this RDA home. An additional drip tip with a 10 mm bore and a 810 to 510 converter is provided should either be required. Extra O-rings, screws, a squonk pin, and a genuine anti-strip hex tool comes standard with every RDA that leaves our doors.

The Rye RDA is named in memory of our dearly missed friend Ryan Masa - @vape_rye on Instagram. Rye was tragically taken from us far too soon, and we hope our homage to you and your work is worthy, and does your exquisite reputation for excellence justice.

  • 24mm Stainless Steel RDA
  • Convex Deck With 2mm Gradient 
  • Double Decker Airflow Intake
  • Adjustable Top & Bottom Airflow Intake
  • Black Delrin 7.25mm Bore Proprietary 810 Tip
  • Black Delrin 10mm Bore 810 Tip
  • Stainless Steel 3mm Bore 810 Tip
  • Black Delrin 810 To 510 Converter
  • PEEK Insulators + Squonk Pin
  • Serialised + Extra O-rings, Screws & Anti-strip Allen Key

    This product is for advanced vapers only and requires technical knowledge in order to use it.
    DO NOT purchase if you are not comfortable or experienced with these types of devices.