Hells Gate 38mm RDA
Hells Gate 38mm RDA
Hells Gate 38mm RDA
Hells Gate 38mm RDA
Hells Gate 38mm RDA

Hells Gate 38mm RDA

Vaperz Cloud X Deathwish Modz
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This purpose driven RDA is aimed to please and engineered for pulling out all the flavor of your favorite juice with its unique multi-hole bottom airflow - breaking up the turbulance and giving a smooth and refreshing flavorful vape! The Valhalla is what separates the men from the boys!

The Valhalla Hells Gate Edition is a new beautiful edition for the Valhalla with a recognizable dark look that was developed together with the Deathwish Modz crew. This RDA is not only a slamming RDA by Vaperz Cloud RDA, it is also one of the showpieces of Deathwish Modz and you know in advance that you can't go wrong with that combo!

- 38mm Cap Diameter
- 12mm Juice well
- Internal and external multi-hole bottom airflow
- Four 3mm square post holes on individual posts
- One shorty wide bore drip tip / One tall boy wide bore drip tip

Long live in the halls of Valhalla!

This product is for advanced vapers only and requires technical knowledge in order to use it.
DO NOT purchase if you are not comfortable or experienced with these types of devices.