EQ FLTR Biodegradable Soft Tips

EQ FLTR Biodegradable Soft Tips

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Innokin is proud to show you our newest and most innovative product yet, the EQ FLTR.  

This pod device allows you to enjoy the feeling of a cigarette filter within a vape!  

The EQ FLTR is perfect for smokers who are looking to quit or have tried to quit before but prefer the feeling of smoking a cigarette.

Innokin has introduced a new soft-tip that gives smokers the familiar feeling of a cigarette filter. They are of course biodegradable and you get up to 5 filters in the box with the vape.  

The new vapour guide that comes included in the box is designed specifically to focus the flavor which allows for a more intense and rich taste. By using the vapor guide the filter can last a lot longer.

Package Contents:

  • EQ FLTR Biodegradable soft-tip filters 10pcs/Pack